AI Alignment for Inclusion

The AI Alignment for Inclusion (AIAI) project leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to envision public spaces in Montreal that cater to the needs of its diverse population. This initiative is structured to reflect a broad spectrum of perspectives, including those from underrepresented groups. The process begins with the gathering of expert insights to formulate AI prompts. These prompts are then used to generate visual concepts of accessible public areas. The project progresses through phases that incorporate feedback from the community to refine these visuals, ensuring they align with the values of inclusivity.

Involvement from local citizens is a key component of the project, as they are invited to assess and categorize the generated images based on how well they represent inclusive environments. This feedback is instrumental in developing an AI model designed to depict public spaces that are welcoming to all. The project is supported by workshops at several stages to facilitate input on the AI prompts and the evaluation of the AI model’s effectiveness. The outcome of the AIAI project is an AI-generated vision of public spaces that are shaped by the collective input of the community, along with a report that captures this collaborative process.