UNESCO and the University of Montreal renew the mandate of the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape

After twenty years of collaboration, UNESCO and the University of Montreal are renewing the mandate of the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape led by Shin Koseki.

According to Sobhi Tawil, Director of the Future of Education and Innovation program at UNESCO, “the Chair has become a reference in its field of expertise, forged international partnerships and broadened its scope of action to topics such as the impact of new technologies on urban spaces, hence contributing to UNESCO’s priorities. »

The UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape will consequently be able to continue its momentum, pursuing its role as an international reference in the fields of governance and design of the ecological, social and technological transition of cities. The UNESCO recognizes the initiatives of the UNESCO Chair such as the UNESCO Field Workshop and the Group of UNESCO Chairs on the social and spatial inclusion in cities.

For Daniel Jutras, Rector of the University of Montreal, “the objectives of the Chair perfectly align with the institutional strategy launched in 2022, which focuses in particular on the internationalization of activities, intersectorality in research, and collaboration. with the interested communities, and the dissemination of knowledge within the framework of the common good.

The chair’s renewal was made possible thanks to the Sid Lee Architecture Fund.