Participation of the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape in the “Avenir Maritime” Congress

The UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape from the University of Montreal participated in the “Avenir Maritime” Congress organized by the Quebec Maritime Network. This event was held from June 20th to 22nd, 2023 at the Port of Quebec. This was an opportunity for Shin Koseki, the Chair’s director, and four interns to meet various actors of the maritime network and learn more about marine resources, the health of ecosystems and human communities.

The participation in the congress is part of the “Fluvialities” research-action and research-creation project on river urbanism, developed here at the Chair. Participating students worked on strategies for the development of the St. Lawrence River banks and the implementation of a vast citizen project that explores the future of the St. Lawrence.

This event allowed the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape to participate in a workshop on the Quebec Maritime Network’s communities of practice program. The Director of the Chair as well as the students also had the opportunity to attend conferences that tackle Indigenous perspectives in research and the maritime, as well as establish links with various stakeholders who interact with the river, such as researchers, members of the maritime industry and artists.

The participation of the UNESCO Chair team to the congress is made possible thanks to the Sid Lee Architecture Fund.